DIY Macro Product Images Tent

Recently I have been upgrading my lenses at an effort to find yourself a uniformity during all of my video. I’ve just about depended on getting a whole set of Contax Zeiss Primes. While this really is great, it leaves me with all my older lenses just sitting around collecting dust. As an example, my own Nikon bracket Nikkor 50mm f/2.0 Ai is a great lens, so that has even been advocated from the mythical Shane Hurlbut, however, it also makes absolutely no sense to keep together with my fresh Zeiss 50mm 1.7, therefore I’m attempting to sell it on e bay.

You can get a significantly larger return when purchasing your equipment on the internet by taking the opportunity to shoot some excellent photos that make the client view the item at a”great lighting”. This is the reason why I made a decision to build a do it yourself Macro Photography Tent out of the carboard box and printer paper. The store bought variant of those handy little outfits don t fundamentally cost that far, nevertheless the time it would have to locate a single online, order it and wait for this to reach is moment that I simply did not wish to waste. I also simply don’t do lots of photography and could almost certainly rarely utilize it Product Photography.

I decided that I wished to produce an infinte white background, together with diffuse the light hitting the lens to provide it that amazing”catalog” search.


Cardboard-box (to match your item)

White-paper (or fabric might operate )


Scissors/Box Cutter

Lights Camera (100mm lens or would be great )

As a way to do this…

Inch. After I took a tiny cardboard box, cut the components, and then taped in some white printer paper to diffuse the flash coming from from both sides.

2. Then I taped two piece of printer paper with each other to produce a lengthy strip of paper. Next, I recorded an end on the back wall of the box and then let the other end of this newspaper curtain down towards the front of the box, developing a great smooth curved backdrop.

3. I place up both lights on either side of this box and switched up the vulnerability to the camera slightly to make the background marginally blown out therefore it is going to appear”boundless”.

4. I experimented somewhat with diverse exposure to have it dialed in and looking straight with plenty of detail. This can vary depending upon your own camera, lens, and amount of lighting. I didn’t have any diffusion to the camera flash, and so I improvised with a bit of folded bubble wrap which raises the ghettoness level of this from around an 8 around 1 1, nonetheless it also worked.

5. Then I attracted the images from to Aperture and also did some degrees and enhancements to make the lens pop off the background. The white of this backdrop was siphoned into the point you couldnt see any detail so it appears to be boundless, which helps give the photographs that the skilled”catalogue” appear.

I understand the setup could look a little iffy… and in a sense it is. However, its really pretty powerful. As evidence, here is the last image of this lens going on e bay!

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