The Corporate Video Marketing Phenomenon

Using video as a way to market is nothing new. However, online video marketing has become extremely popular in practically every industry within the last few years. This is due to how technologically advanced we are becoming, and how expectant consumers are when it comes to accessibility of information today. Videos get a lot of information across in an extremely efficient manner. Consumers today have a very short attention span, and are looking to get as much information as they can in the least amount of time. This is why video is becoming so popular.

One Fast Company article calls the increase in the popularity of video for business the “Video-Marketing Boom.” Video has rocketed in viewership. 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month on YouTube alone. Also, in April, 2012, Comscore reported that the average viewer watched 22 hours of video per month. And a recent study suggests that customers who watch company’s videos are 85 percent more likely to purchase that company’s product or service. No wonder every company is hopping aboard the video marketing train.

A few years ago blogging was on a similar rise. It was easy to get traffic as a blogger back then, and people took notice. Blogs increased by five times from 2006 to 2011. Now there is a lot of blog traffic, and it is much harder to get noticed. However, the early bloggers still have their steady flow of traffic, and are continually gaining popularity.

Current statistics show that much like blogging, video is not slowing down. 70% of marketers plan to increase their spending on video, and 76% of businesses plan to add a video to their website.

Another reason video is becoming so popular is because video marketing can evoke feelings. Videos can elicit trust, curiosity, amusement, confidence and more. This happens because people connect with video, they connect to the story or meaning behind it.

Your product may be hard to market; it may be extremely boring like notebook paper or chip clips. Tell a story. That is the trick to all video marketing. We are a species of storytellers. It has been repeatedly proven that people buy on emotion and justify with reason. Video caters to this tendency. Video tells a story and allows the viewer to visualize themselves. Remember online users don’t wanted to be sold to, they want to be engaged. Consumers are looking for videos that hold attention, inspire, provoke and excite. People want to be engaged and entertained.

Many businesses want to hop aboard the video marketing train before it speeds by, but they are scared to attempt a video. This is often because marketers do not have the time or ability to make a quality corporate video. Thankfully, due to this video marketing boom, there are many companies who now specialize in the video marketing industry.

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